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Anderson has taught philosophy for more than thirty years— nearly a decade of which has been at SIU. His love for music is the basis for his work and is a fundamental part his lectures.
“I study a lot of philosophy of pop culture,” Moose says. “I mean, I can do the technical logic and stuff, but I’m not so interested in that as how our beliefs affect the way we construct a culture, community, or anything else, whether it’s religious beliefs or metaphysical belief, moral beliefs— all those things— how they affect what we do and are influenced by what we do. For example, most young people— if you talk to them about philosophy, they don’t know what it is. If you ask them what they listen to, musically, they’ll tell you what they listen to and then why, you know, [whether] it’s country music or hip-hop, there are things in there that they identify with, and I try to tease out the doctrines of beliefs that are hidden in those sorts of things. So there is a relationship. I don’t fill a lot of philosophy with my lyrics— that would just lose people— but my life is built into my lyrics.”

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