The Savage Radley - Shaped and inspired by the American South, The Savage Radley is the brainchild of Shaina Goodman, a Kentucky-raised songwriter and Delta farmer's daughter whose music stomps, twangs, and bangs with all the power of her homeland.

"We're not throwback country," she says of her band, a group of pickers and pounders who add electricity, elasticity and grit to her songs. "We're not looking to be in the mainstream, either. We just want to fill our own corner of this Americana southern landscape."

Leonard the Band - Leonard the Band did not set out to sound like anything or anyone in particular, we came together and forged a sound uniquely our own. Art is our outlet and we wish to share it with fans and new listeners. Being from a small town is a challenge that we embrace and has humbled our craft. We hope to share our music with anyone who is willing to listen. Our influences bleed through our music, but do not define it.

Fate McAfee - Fate McAfee began writing original music at the age of 20, recorded his first full length studio album at 22, and has played small festivals and coffee shops and dive bars everywhere from the Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi River, from the streets of New Orleans to theaters in Kentucky. He is from West Tennessee originally and typically plays solo, but collaborated with several talented musicians for his debut album "Little Bill & the Late Fees", recorded in Paducah, Kentucky, where he currently resides.