Don't miss this wild night of great local music!

From the Facebook event page:

Oh geez, heckin' louise!! We've put together quite a program for ya'll. We've combined three rock & roll type acts into one single night of entertainment.*

Cave Futures - Hailing from Greater West Carbondale, this rock & roll type musical group is consistently in the throws of an existential crisis. Performing as if each note sends them cascading into eternal oblivion, they continue to wow audiences with their ability to not give up altogether. 

Toy Cowboy - This group of shiny dandelions joins us all the way from Far East Carbondale!! We're excited that they've agreed to make the long journey to Central Carbondale, not only for their notes, but also for the opportunity to trade for their fine spices and linens. There is much anticipation surrounding the order they will decide to put the notes in. When asked about the sequence and rate of said notes, audience members of past shows have been overheard saying "Not bad!" and "Geez Louise, that was a real good note choice!"

Lonely Suit - Bringing heat all the way from Deep South Carbondale, Lonely Suit is one man plus robot technology. His access to extreme robot technology allows him to produce as many notes as four or five fully-grown human people! Somehow, his note production creates in humans the ability to feel emotions that everyone desires access to, yet nobody wants to talk about. 

*All songs will be performed by human people